At the Trial Lawyers Convention, Advertising Tips

By July 6, 2009Briefly Legal

An informative news release arrives from Last Second Media, Inc., promoting a “private seminar” at the national convention of the American Association for Justice being held at the end of the month in San Francisco. The headline, “Seminar at AAJ: Secret Advertising Weapons of Per Inquiry TV Case Acquisition for Mass Tort Plaintiff Bar“:

Last Second Media founder and President, Frank Pournelle has honed his process and system of using direct response media since 2001 to help attorneys secure thousands of new cases. His experience in medical tort liability case acquisition includes Duragesic Pain Patch, Digitek, Chantix, Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and Silicosis; Vioxx / Celebrex / Bextra; Fen Phen / PPH; Zyprexa / Seroquel ; ACE Inhibitors; Baycol / Rhabdomyolysis; and Paxil / Zoloft. Medical malpractice and product liability experience includes ATV rollover, contact lens solution, defribulator and hernia patch cases.

Pournelle says “Our specialized direct marketing firm has delivered thousands of new tort liability cases for legal firms. With one call we can create commercial scripts with both emotional appeal and self-selecting criteria; shoot sharp TV and web video spots; develop an excellent call center screening process; enlist hundreds of broadcasters nationally; deploy hundreds of memorable toll-free numbers for tracking; and access potential cases months ahead of the competition. We practice the Science of Law Firm Marketing to start generating new leads today for a client.”

Lead flow is rapid!

Some afternoons on broadcast television stations (especially the new, supplemental digital channels that show 70s-TV reruns and old movies, the only ads that seem to run are for personal injury law firms.* They must pay off for somebody.

* And…Old gold jewelry just sitting around? Sell it today! Make quick cash! Best prices available!

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