At the Lawyers’ Convention

In our continuing series of grousing about the inadequate attention being paid to the trial lawyers’ convention in San Francisco, we note that Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, chairman of the National Democratic Committee, spoke to the American Association for Justice on Sunday.

Governor Kaine’s travels and divided duties have been a big political issue in Virginia, with the Republicans and media demanding the release of travel records. So you would think that Kaine’s cross-country travel to San Francisco to speak to a key political constituency, lobbying organization nd powerful opponent of health-care reform would be a big news item. Right?

Here’s the Richmond Times-Dispatch story from June 22 and the relevant paragraph, “Kaine travel for DNC is detailed“:

Kaine said yesterday that he might be going to San Francisco and Seattle for the rest of the weekend. He said he will perform both DNC and gubernatorial duties when he addresses the Latino organization La Raza in Chicago next Tuesday.

Might be going to San Francisco? Surprised the reporter and/or editor were satisfied with that non-answer.

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