A Realization about White House Communication

By July 10, 2009Miscellaneous

Signed up quite some time ago for the White House e-mail distribution service, that “Get Updates” box you can fill out at www.whitehouse.gov.

For news purposes it’s worse than useless, only occasionally distributing a general message sort of e-mail. For example, yesterday people on the list got an e-mail from White House homeland security adviser John O. Brennan passing on exhortations to prepare for flu season.

But now one finds the White House’s Twitter RSS feed, http://twitter.com/whitehouse_rss, which offers the latest update in news releases and statements. That’s where you go to get the White House news.

The e-mail distribution seems like more of a campaign-influenced approach, sending out good stuff to supporters. The RSS Twitter is the nuts and bolts media outreach of any professional operation.

The NAM’s Twitter feed is somewhere in-between. But you be the judge:

http://twitter.com/NAM_Shopfloor or in the protocol of the medium, @NAM_Shopfloor

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