Waxman-Markey: Hurry, Before the ‘Consensus’ Collapses

Supporters of H.R. 2454 have been insisting, INSISTING, they are arguing on the basis of science.

If that’s so, then why did the EPA suppress an internal debate on climate change?

And why are policymakers and scientists around the globe turning against the supposed “consensus?”

From Kimberly Strassel, Wall Street Journal, “The Climate Change Climate Change

Among the many reasons President Barack Obama and the Democratic majority are so intent on quickly jamming a cap-and-trade system through Congress is because the global warming tide is again shifting. It turns out Al Gore and the United Nations (with an assist from the media), did a little too vociferous a job smearing anyone who disagreed with them as “deniers.” The backlash has brought the scientific debate roaring back to life in Australia, Europe, Japan and even, if less reported, the U.S.

In April, the Polish Academy of Sciences published a document challenging man-made global warming. In the Czech Republic, where President Vaclav Klaus remains a leading skeptic, today only 11% of the population believes humans play a role. In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to tap Claude Allegre to lead the country’s new ministry of industry and innovation. Twenty years ago Mr. Allegre was among the first to trill about man-made global warming, but the geochemist has since recanted. New Zealand last year elected a new government, which immediately suspended the country’s weeks-old cap-and-trade program.

The number of skeptics, far from shrinking, is swelling.

And on the floor, as the House debate nears its close, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) just attacked the “Flat-Earth Society” and “climate deniers,” using anathema instead of argument.

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