The National Summit, Was the Administration Listening?

By June 19, 2009Economy

Frank Beckmann at WJR thinks not, and he’s not particularly optimistic about the impact of the National Summit on policymakers and the public as they think about the economy. He had a good talk with NAM President John Engler, though. From “Washington snubs National Summit in Detroit” in today’s Detroit News:

“To maximize our potential,” Engler said on my WJR radio show, “I think government’s real challenge is to do that which government is actually … charged with doing, to help on major infrastructure and capital projects for the country.”

In other words, government should build highways, bridges, and dams, but leave banking and car sales to real experts in the private sector who understand that risk can create reward.

Engler called on government to focus on projects like a 21st century air traffic control system, an upgrade of the inland waterway system and an improved national electrical grid.

“One of the things that concerns me,” Engler said, “is that government is so anxious to restructure everybody else, (it) needs to itself think about restructuring, and that’s true in Washington, in the states and even localities.”

But we are restructuring! We’re getting bigger!

Not what he meant.

Beckmann’s interview with Engler is available online: Frank speaks with Governor John Engler at the National Summit

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