The End of Analog: Will There be Riots?

Washington Post, transcript of Commerce Secretary Locke’s White House briefing on DTV transition.

On a serious note, the long-delayed switch from analog to digital television is a good thing, freeing up valuable frequencies for more efficient and useful communications services, including cell phone and law enforcement tranmissions.

The transition, however, provides a powerful case lesson as to how the federal government can foul up things. The stimulus bill passed in February allocated $650 million more to implement the program and pay for additional consumer coupons to buy digital converter boxes. And there were the delays.

What a mess. On to health care reform!

P.S. And there are still 118 stations broadcasting on analog via the “Statutory Analog Nightlight Program.”  CBS will still serve Roseburg with an analog signal. For a month. Whew. (List of stations.)

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