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By June 1, 2009Economy

In looking for informative and comprehensive news coverage of the Detroit automakers, we turn to the Detroit newspapers, still plural, thankfully.

The Detroit News’ website is http://www.detroitnews.com

The lead headline on its webpage is: “GM to enter bankruptcy,” albeit in a much bigger font. Here’s how the morning will shake out, the News reports.

Early morning: GM files paperwork with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York
10 a.m.: GM Chief Financial Officer Ray Young briefs reporters in New York
11:55 a.m.: President Obama makes a statement about GM in Washington
12:15 p.m.: GM Chief Executive Fritz Henderson holds a press conference in New York

The Detroit Free Press’s website is http://www.freep.com

The Free Press’s lead headline on its website: GM files for bankruptcy protection

For the hard-hit Detroit metropolitan area, there is still some good news today:

AP sources: GM to stay in RenCen That’s the Renaissance Center, downtown.

Free Press, “Penguins still no match for Red Wings, who roll to 2-0 series lead


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  • Amy Ridenour says:

    What are Pittsburgh Penguins & Detroit Red Wings doing in a story about the auto industry? You’re not from Michigan, by any chance….?

    Regardless, expect the Penguins to pull this one out.

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