Manufacturing, Getting Out of the Recession, Perhaps

By June 10, 2009Economy, General

Jeff Moad, executive editor of “Managing Automation,” notes investment plans by United Airlines, Intel and Exxon Mobil to urge manufacturers to prepare for recovery. In a blog post, “Manufacturing Out of the Recession,” he writes:

Such moves are certainly not without risk. True, the tide of bad economic news is slowing. But 345,000 more unemployed in the U.S. in May and a 9.4 jobless rate, plus many billions of toxic liabilities (these are not assets) remaining on banks’ books make it hard to predict when a turnaround will occur and just how rapid or robust the recovery will be.

Still, now would be a good time for manufacturers to begin to change the capital-preservation-at-all-costs, bunker mentality that has dominated over the past 18 months and position themselves for recovery.


  • Do some bargain hunting of your own.
  • Rethink global supply chain risks and opportunities.
  • Position yourself to continue to benefit from the efficiency gains you’ve put in place over the past 18 months.
  • Create a real workforce development plan

With more details at each bullet.

Managing Automation’s blog is The Edge Blog.

For more evidence why planning for recovery is not completely quixotic, see the last news release from the NAM’s chief economist, David Huether, “Huether Says ‘Storm Clouds Are Starting To Part‘”

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