It’s Time: ‘I Urge Congress to Enact the U.S.-Colombia FTA’

By June 28, 2009Trade

President Uribe of Colombia meets with President Obama in the White House Monday. The Obama Administration has embraced trade as an impetus for exports and jobs, much more than one would have expected based on the 2008 campaign rhetoric. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk especially has emerged as a consistent and clear advocate of trade agreements to boost the U.S. economy.

Now it’s time for the President to be just as clear, by making this statement: “I call on Congress to enact the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement as soon as it returns to Washington from the Fourth of July break.”

For more, see this paper from the Heritage Foundation, “President Obama and Colombia’s Uribe Meeting: A Pivotal Hemispheric Encounter.” The National Association of Manufacturers has a fact sheet and materials on the U.S.-Colombia FTA here.

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