Greenpeace Opposes Waxman-Markey

Actually, this could be a bit of reverse psychology, or political jujitsu. Supporters can say, “See, it’s not so drastic. Environmentalists like Greenpeace oppose it. It’s a modest measure.” So Greenpeace opposes the bill in order to pass it.

As it comes to the floor, the Waxman-Markey bill sets emission reduction targets far lower than science demands, then undermines even those targets with massive offsets. The giveaways and preferences in the bill will actually spur a new generation of nuclear and coal-fired power plants to the detriment of real energy solutions. To support such a bill is to abandon the real leadership that is called for at this pivotal moment in history.  We simply no longer have the time for legislation this weak.

“With many others in the environmental, faith and consumer rights communities, Greenpeace has expressed tremendous concern about the role of offsets in this legislation.  Unless strictly controlled, the abuse of offsets could prevent real emission reductions for more than a decade.  The decision to move authority over offsets from EPA to the Department of Agriculture further reduces the likelihood that such controls will be maintained and increases the likelihood they will undermine real reductions.

To be fair, Greenpeace undoubtedly really does dislike the bill for failing to finish off the last remnants of an industrial economy. Only whales should be allowed to emit carbon dioxide.

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