From the National Summit, Policy Prescriptions

By June 21, 2009Economy

A review of last week’s National Summit in the weekend’s Detroit Free Press, “CEOs who attended last week’s National Summit have some suggestions for the White House“:

Last week’s three-day National Summit in Detroit was all about getting fresh ideas to the new president and his advisers. Corporate bosses representing the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Citigroup — not to mention Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. — joined a smattering of government and university leaders to chew over what’s ailing America’s economy.

Their short answer: a lot.

Far beyond the current recession lies a festering lack of American competitiveness.

Detroit’s automotive woes are the least of it. America is losing ground in educational achievement, technical skill, public policy and along a host of other fronts.

Not sure “fresh” ideas is quite right. The ideas and policy prescriptions are familiar enough, they just have not been adopted.

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