Engler on CNBC: Manufacturing is Vital, but It Will Change

By June 16, 2009Economy, General
NAM President John Engler, speaking this morning on CNBC from The National Summit in Detroit. Excerpt:

We understand in this country well how 50 states knock each other out competing for jobs. Governors do that all the time: Whatever we can do to attract a plant or an investment. But what we don’t understand very well is 100 nations of the world are at the same thing, and we’re one nation that really stands aside and lets the competition take place without our participation, without our real support. We’re about the only government that really doesn’t decide we’re going to compete.So when we don’t fix immigration policy, when we maintain high taxes, when we add regulatory burdens — all of these discourage investment in the United States.

I think this is the best place in the world to be. I think we’ve got some of the greatest universities, best research talent, we can make incredible products, but we’ve got to be able to complete globally, because we’re only 4 percent of the world’s population.



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