CPSIA Update: The August 14 Deadline for Toys Approaches

By June 12, 2009General

Operative word — DEAD.

Good, lengthy piece by CNNMoney.com on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s next blow against commerce, consumers and common sense, “Toymakers fight complex new safety rules“:

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney.com) — For toymakers, the world changes on Aug. 14. That’s the day a new regulation takes effect that small manufacturers say could force them out of business.

“I hear gut-wrenching stories every day, like the soldier’s wife who doesn’t think she can continue her homemade doll business or the Native American women who are worried that they’d run afoul of the law if they continue to make handcrafted authentic clothing for Native American children,” says Rosario Palmieri, vice president of regulatory policy for the National Association of Manufacturers.

To the left is a flyer from a woman who makes Pow Wow dresses for children. She handed them out at the April 1 Amend the CPSIA rally at the Capitol.

President Obama’s nominee to chair the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Inez Tenenbaum, has her confirmation hearing Tuesday before the Senate Commerce Committee. The problems cited in the CNNMoney story are the result of the law, not the commission, but we still think there would be value in hearing her response to a Senator’s question along the lines of:

Ms. Tenenbaum, clearly there are many, many problems caused by the CPSIA, and small, home-based businesses such as toymakers and those who make children’s clothes simply cannot meet the law’s mandates — although I seriously doubt there’s a safety problem. Do you think it would be useful for Congress to pass an emergency delay — perhaps six month — allowing Congress and the commission to work through these problems?

Of course, we’d like to hear a Senator answer that question, too.

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