CPSIA Update: Tenenbaum Confirmed Unanimously

By June 19, 2009General, Regulations

McClatchy Newspapers, “Tenenbaum gets unanimous approval to lead safety agency“:

“There are a great number of challenges facing the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but the good thing is that Congress voted last year to revitalize the agency in light of the surge of imports and the fact that we live in a global economy,” Tenenbaum said.

Two-thirds of the products regulated by the commission now come from overseas, most of them from China.

China’s government has drawn the ire of consumer advocates because of health and safety problems caused by contaminated toys and pet food, defective drywall and other products.

Tenenbaum represents new leadership, and when she determines that Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s overreach has caused serious problems with no benefit to product safety, Congress will not be able to dismiss her with political excuses.

Reuters story.

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