CPSIA Update: A Toymaker Speaks

By June 1, 2009Regulations

A column in Roll Call by Rick Woldenberg, chairman of Learning Resources Inc., and a leading advocate for reforming the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, “Congress Should Return Toy Safety Regulation to the CPSC“:

I am a toymaker and I do not make “toxic toys.” I never thought I would have to make that statement, but unfortunately, all children’s products companies remain under assault by consumer groups capitalizing on a notorious series of toy recalls in 2007 and 2008 to propagate misconceptions about safety.

Having pushed Congress to pass the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act last year, these same groups now refuse to acknowledge the flaws in this law. Despite an outcry over the overly broad reach of the new law, a misguided labeling policy and the devastating retroactive application of the new standards, Congress has refused to budge. Politics has taken over children’s product safety.

Rick expresses the views of many people out there who never really dealt with Congress until the CPSIA went into effect — small manufacturers, owners of home-based businesses, craftspeople, thrift-store managers, etc. They’re frustrated and at times aghast: This is how Congress works? Why can’t they just fix the law?

Very good questions.

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