Comment Deadline Nears on EPA Proposal to Regulate the World

The deadline for commenting on the EPA’s proposed “endangerment finding” that carbon dioxide qualifies as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act is Tuesday, June 23.

The National Association of Manufacturers had asked the EPA for a 60-day extension for comments, arguing that the vast scope of the proposal warranted further time for argument and deliberation. The EPA last week rejected the request. (Letter here.)

The NAM has a website with resources to submit comments to the EPA, The basic argument:

If the EPA ultimately finds green house gas (GHG) emissions to be an “endangerment” to public health, the agency would trigger a variety of air quality programs that would regulate GHG emissions while doing little to address global climate change. This finding would not only undermine recovery, but could also prevent the most environmentally sophisticated technologies from being incorporated into a manufacturer’s operation. It is a threat to every business, every family and every person in America. 

At a time when our economy is in a severe recession, this proposed regulation would cost jobs and delay our country’s recovery.  The EPA is attempting to use the Clean Air Act as a blunt instrument to regulate carbon.   It is attempting to use the Clean Air Act to do something it was never intended to do.  This regulation would take our country in exactly the wrong direction and cost many more American jobs.

As the website urges, “Don’t Let the EPA Regulate Your Life!”

The EPA’s online docket for the proposal is:

Since almost all human activity produces carbon dioxide, an endangerment finding would give the EPA unprecedented authority over the daily lives of Americans.  The proposal represents bureaucracy’s greatest threat to U.S. economic competiveness, the market economy and individual freedom.

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