Card Check: Would Further Harm Our Economy

By June 5, 2009Labor Unions

Today we learned that our economy lost a further 345,000 jobs last month as our unemployment rate increased to 9.4 percent. However at a time that we are facing such stark challenges, some in Congress are urging support for the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act. An academic study analyzed recently that if labor union leaders’ expectations of increasing union membership by 1.5 million under the EFCA, our economy would lose 600,000 jobs in the first year.

Today’s Investor’s Business Daily has an opinion piece on the EFCA:

It’s a formula for disaster. This still-undead bill will shut plants, drive jobs abroad and ensure that few new jobs are ever created. Little wonder the public has turned a thumbs-down on it, and Congress has backed away. A recent Pew poll shows that 61% of Americans think labor unions have gotten too powerful.
But it hasn’t stopped Big Labor. Card check remains its top goal, and instead of dropping a bad idea, it’s switching tactics.

If Members of Congress need a reason to oppose the EFCA, we have 600,000.

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