Card Check: Compromise? What’s a Compromise?

By June 2, 2009Labor Unions

A. Mutually acceptable outcome that resolves previous disagreements between two or more opposing sides.
B. Political cover.
C. Don’t know, but if it involves strong supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act agreeing with not-quite-as-strong supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act, it’s not a compromise.

From The Washington Examiner, “Dems try new approach on ‘Card Check’“:

The Senate is now working on a compromise version of the controversial “Card Check” bill that would allow employees to vote by mail on whether to unionize, rather than sign a petition in public.

While union and business groups remain at odds over the new proposal, Democratic backers of the bill are meeting privately this week with moderate lawmakers who have so far been unwilling to back a labor reform bill. [See B above.]

Those lawmakers, including Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., and Mark Pryor, D-Ark., will also meet with business groups who are descending on the Capitol this week in a coordinated effort to lobby against the latest proposal.

And how is it that business groups “are descending” on the Capitol? It’s Capitol Hill, isn’t it? Business groups are ascending on the Capitol.

Except for their meetings in the Capitol Visitors Center, which is subterranian.

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