Card Check: A Tremendous Business Investment for Union Bosses

By June 9, 2009Labor Unions

The Workforce Fairness Institute today released the details of report today that shows that should the Employee Free Choice Act become law, labor leaders would gain an additional $320 million to spend on political activism, organizing and politicking, an amount totalling $1.75 billion over the next decade. Yes that’s billion with a “B.”

While labor bosses claim that the Employee Free Choice Act is labor law reform, this report sheds a bit more light on the true intentions of labor leaders. The Employee Free Choice Act is an attempt to skew the balance of our labor law system in order for labor unions to inflate their membership to gain increased dues revenue.

It’s clear that business-savvy labor groups are quite comfortable spending millions of their members’ hard earned dues money in their campaign to take away the secret ballots of other employees as it would result in an additional cash influx for them of over half a billion in the first year. Five percent of which would be expected to be used for political contributions. With the financial benefits so high, no wonder why union bosses are pursuing the jobs-killing legislation so aggressively.

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