Yesterday President Barack Obama announced at a Cabinet meeting that he plans to accelerate spending for the $787 billion stimulus plan to create or save 600,000 jobs over the next 100 days. However, it is a bit concerning the President has also previously expressed support for the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act that will destroy 600,000 jobs in the first year after enactment. One step forward, one step back.

A recent academic study by Dr. Layne-Ferrar shows that if union leaders’ expectations of increasing union membership by 1.5 million members in the year after EFCA passage are correct, 600,000 jobs will be lost.

It makes no sense that at the same that Congress and the Administration express a commitment to save and create jobs, they’ll pledge support for a bill that will kill just as many.

UPDATE (12:20 p.m.): More from The Truth About EFCA blog, “Card Check Cost: $1.75 Billion (or More!)

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