A Quiet Blogging Day at Shopfloor.org

By June 2, 2009General

There’s just nothing going on.

Hah. Actually, regular work intrudes. More as it happens. Entonces…

UPDATE: On June 2, 1983, 23 people died above Air Canada Flight 797 after it landed in Cincinnati due to a fire on board. One of the dead was the great Canadian folk singer, Stan Rogers. To mark the anniversary of the terrible accident — and with due respect and sympathy to the families of those who died in the Air France crash — here’s Stan Rogers singing the chorus of “Northwest Passage.”

UPDATE: Walter Olson reminds us that Stan Rogers’ song, “Mary Ellen Carter,” inspired the sole survivor of a coalship that went down in icy waters; Robert Cusick hung on after he recalled the line, “Rise again, rise again. No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend — Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.” For Cusick’s story and a live performance of the song, see this.

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