To Save or Create Jobs, Try the Oil Industry

From “The Houston Chronicle,” a commentary by William H. Whitefield, “In Texas, ‘Big Oil’ often means small businesses“:

My father, Donald D. Whitefield, broke new ground in the manufacturing industry when he founded Whitefield Plastics more than 47 years ago. His wife’s pots and pans served as his first molds, and his first oven was nothing more than an old refrigerator he converted. Hand-me-down cookware — that’s how Don became the first exclusive producer of castable polyurethane molding in Texas.

Today, I’m honored to fill my father’s shoes, running a family-owned company that now serves a host of national and international oil field, pipeline and industrial clients. However, the latest round of congressional energy plans would hurt local companies like mine on two fronts: increasing the tax burden and limiting production.

From AP: “WASHINGTON (AP) — The oil and gas industry is taking a hard hit in President Barack Obama’s proposed budget…According to details released Thursday about the 2010 budget, the plan would rescind tax breaks at a cost to the industry of $26 billion over the next 10 years.”

 Whitefield’s website is here.

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