To Respond to Venezuela: More Trade

By May 10, 2009General

From VOA, “Venezuela Seizes Assets of 60 Oil Services Companies“:

The Venezuelan government has seized the assets of 60 local and foreign-owned oil services firms.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the seizures Friday, saying they were authorized under a law passed Thursday by the National Assembly.

Among the firms whose assets were taken is Oklahoma-based Williams Companies, which said the government took control of two natural gas facilities. The company said it is seeking repayment of millions of dollars in services fees owed by state-run companies in Venezuela.

More on the attack on Williams’ property rights in the Tulsa World here.
Wouldn’t it be a good time for the White House and Congress to move forward on a trade agreement that supports a democratic ally in the troubled region of socialist caudillos? That is, Colombia?

The Administration is planning meetings soon with Colombia on the FTA. From Reuters, May 5, “U.S. presses on Panama, Colombia deals

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