Raises Taxes on Them, It Wont’ Affect Our Jobs at All

From Dow Jones (subscription), “Union Calls For Foreign Profits Tax To Fund Health Reform“:

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–U.S. labor unions are joining a push by the Obama administration to raise taxes on the foreign profits of U.S. multinationals. An AFL-CIO official will urge a Senate committee Tuesday to use the proceeds from Obama’s tax changes – as much as $210 billion – to help fund an overhaul of the U.S. health-care system.

This jobs-killing proposal will be made during a Senate Finance Committee roundtable discussion, Financing Comprehensive Health Care Reform.” Thirteen witnesses scheduled for the roundness, so the odds are someone will have a better idea than this one.

UPDATE: In related news, “Deficits soar even with rosy Obama budget assumptions

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