New Data That Labor Unions Don’t Want Congress To See

By May 5, 2009Labor Unions

New data was released today that shows that in 2008 labor unions won 66.8 percent of all union representation elections. This analysis of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) data by the BNA (subscription needed) shows that these figures have increased from 60.4 percent in 2007. Keep in mind in 2008 overall union membership increased by over 400,000 members. 94 percent of elections are held within 56 days — really shoots these claims down.

This data also shows that number of actual elections taking place are increasing (albeit a slight increase).  Labor unions are quick to say that employers prevent elections from occurring, but this information — combined with the data that shows

These are figures that organized labor will not want to highlight. Employees who want to form a union are able to do so, which makes the radical Employee Free Choice Act based on false premises.

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