National Standards, an Agreement on CAFE

From the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, “Automakers Support President in Development of National Program for Autos”:

Washington, DC – On Tuesday, May 19, automakers will join with President Obama, federal agencies, governors and environmental leaders to announce a commitment to establish a National Program that will reduce carbon emissions and increase fuel economy.

“For seven long years, there has been a debate over whether states or the federal government should regulate autos. President Obama’s announcement ends that old debate by starting a federal rulemaking to set a National Program,” said Dave McCurdy, president and CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. “Automakers are committed to working with the President to develop a National Program administered by the federal government.”

“What’s significant about the announcement is it launches a new beginning, an era of cooperation. The President has succeeded in bringing three regulatory bodies, 15 states, a dozen automakers and many environmental groups to the table,” said McCurdy. “We’re all agreeing to work together on a National Program.”

The alliance’s release.

UPDATE: Los Angeles Times, “Q&A: How auto emission regulations may affect you.” Seems like a fair summary.

Detroit Free Press, “Obama’s 35.5-m.p.g. deal may be a game-changer

Henry Payne, Planet Gore, “The National California Standard?” Henry’s the editorial page cartoonist at the Detroit News who brings a free-market perspective to auto industry analysis.

Carl Pope, Sierra Club executive director, “Finally, a Modern Car Industry.”

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