May Day Misery

The AFL-CIO blog is promoting a speech by Stewart Acuff, a top aide to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, on the occasion of May Day, the international labor day established by the Second International in 1889.

Acuff places himself and the workers under the boot of oppression, crushed by powerful forces of destruction. Man, oh, man, it’s a grim world view:

See, while they told us you are on your own, they did all they could to make it so. While they ignored climate change and global warming and more and more kids with asthma and more and more cancer cases, they were busting our unions, outsourcing and contracting out and privatizing our work, Wal-Marting our economy, telling us we have to compete in a global economy that sends 13-year-old girls to factories and factory dorms and the whims of supervisors in the Caribbean Basin, that murders trade unionists in Colombia, that sends 9- and 10-year-olds to work in Vietnam and Pakistan and uses slave labor in China.

The blog post then approvingly quotes the May Day declaration by the International Trade Union Confederation, which proposes:

We demand nothing less than a full-scale transformation of the world economy. A new global economy is required, which is built on social justice.

A full-scale transformation of the world economy…

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  • len hrica says:

    sounds like a communist yapping at a capitalist…..not a 71 dollar an hour (rank in file member of a u.s. union)maybe they would prefer to work for 5 dollars an hour…?watch out what you ask…bad leadership….poor use of the english language….pathetic philosophy….(son of a union coal miner)uva65

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