At, a column by John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, “Forging A Second American Century“:

The 20th Century is often called the American Century, marking the U.S. rise to global pre-eminence. Manufacturing powered our ascendance, factories created our prosperity.

But the American Century is nearly a decade gone, manufacturing jobs are dwindling, and the future promises fierce competition from the new industrial giants of China and India (and the old giants of Europe). The recession drags painfully on, and dozens of other competitor countries target what they sense is a new U.S. vulnerability.

It is time to finally resign ourselves to becoming a second-rate manufacturing nation?

Not if manufacturers have anything to say about it. Manufacturers in the United States have adapted before to survive, and they will again.

The column cites some impressive examples of U.S.-based manufacturers reinventing themselves and prospering as a result.


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