From Rockwell, a View of Automation and Technology

It’s several months old now and done in anticipation of the now-passed stimulus legislation, but there’s still plenty of interesting findings in a public opinion survey done for Rockwell Automation, “Public Attitudes on Manufacturing Technology and Automation.”

The top four bullet points from the executive summary:

  • Most Americans believe that highly automated, modern factories are important to improve and grow the U.S. economy (82%).
  • A majority of Americans (70%) also believe that it’s highly important that President Obama’s administration provides a stimulus package to increase the number of automated, modern
  • When considering a manufacturing company, Americans cite sustainable production issues including product and employee safety, and environmental issues as the most important attributes.
  • Despite the economic downturn, support remains strong (and unchanged from the 2008 survey) for federal, state or local programs that would pay an incentive to U.S. companies that invest in technology and automation to stay competitive and keep manufacturing operations in this country. 79% said the government should provide such incentives.

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