From NAM President John Engler, an Administration Assessment

Along with a major piece about manufacturing, the Detroit News today features an interview reporter Deb Price did with John Engler, President of the National Association of Manufacturers, “Engler’s take on Obama, industry.” Excerpt:

Q . What are the biggest issues facing U.S. manufacturers?

A . “We are in a wickedly competitive world out there. … And we’ve got to be able to compete. That margin, that advantage that we may have enjoyed in the past has dramatically narrowed in recent years. … There’s just simply no room for error. … It’s a lesson that Congress and I think Washington are still struggling to understand.”

Q . How would you describe Obama and the new administration?

A . “Very ambitious and energetic. There is a much higher confidence in the infallibility of government as a problem solver. … In reality, though, the recession and the severity of it has, I think, created a situation where there has been the need for extraordinary actions to be taken.”

Approach toward trade, surprisingly good and positive. Support for the Employee Free Choice Act, potentially disastrous.

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