Friday Follies: Quite the Week for Komodo Dragon News

By May 22, 2009Friday Follies

From AFP, “Scientists discover deadly secret of Komodo’s bite

SYDNEY (AFP) — The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, has a snake-like venom in its bite which sends victims into shock and stops their blood from clotting, according to Australian research.

It had been widely believed that deadly bacteria in the carnivorous lizard’s mouth helped kill its prey.

But magnetic resonance imagery has for the first time uncovered venom glands containing a shock-inducing poison which increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure, scientists say.

What a good opportunity post a link to one of Bob and Ray’s best bits, the interview with Komodo Dragon expert.

If you were in the vicinity of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C… would take the kiddos to the National Zoo, and there you would see two Komodo dragons….the world’s largest living lizard. There is a stuffed Komodo dragon in the lobby of the Royal Hotel in Katmandu, Nepal.

There’s a video version here, but it’s not as good. So here’s one of their beer ads instead, a hockey-themed spot courtesy

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  • Joddie says:

    I know that news.. because I live in Bali Indonesia, near the Komodo Island.. just becarefull with that animal, even looked slow, they can move very fast when they mad..

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