Dispatch from the Front: The Week of May 18

By May 18, 2009General

It’s a big, green week in the nation’s capital, as Congress and the EPA contemplate greenhouse gas regulation and cap and trade. Congress is gone next week, marking Memorial Day.

The House convenes at 12:30 p.m. today and after suspensions, has several bills on the week’s floor schedule: from the Senate, the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act; H.R. 2352, Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act; H.R. 915, FAA Reauthorization Act; and H.R. 2200, Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act.

The Senate convenes at 2 p.m. today and on Tuesday will vote on cloture  on the Dodd-Shelby substitute to H.R. 627, the credit card legislation.

It’s also a big week for action-adventure heroes. James Bond, AKA Pierce Brosnan, testifies today to the EPA’s hearing on the proposed endangerment finding for carbon dioxide. The all-day hearing is in Arlington (details.)

Even as a cyborg, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will find the voters’ wrath tough to overcome in California Tuesday, which features multiple votes to raise taxes on the ballot. The Wall Street Journal today editorializes on the election, “California Reckoning.”

And in the season finale of “24” set in Washington, D.C., Jack Bauer attempts to save Bruce Springsteen’s reputation in the face of tonight’s oversold show at the Verizon Center. (Directions: Take the Red Line west to Washington Central.)

The NAM hosts Canadian Minister of Industry Tony Clement Wednesday morning. He will speak on “The Integrated Canada-U.S. Market: Facing Economic Challenges Together to Improve Long-Term Competitiveness.”

Finally, it’s Small Business Week, with events at the Mandarin Oriental.

House Hearings: The House Energy and Commerce Committee begins its mark up of cap-and-trade, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, at 1 p.m. today and may continue through the week. (Committee summary available here as .pdf.) House Financial Services, capital markets subcommittee, holds a hearing Tuesday, “Approaches to Improving Credit Rating Agency Regulation.” A House Judiciary subcommittee, Tuesday, a hearing on H.R. 233, the Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act. On Wednesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan testifies to the House Education and Labor Committee, “The Obama Administration’s Education Agenda.” Also Wednesday, the House Small Business Committee holds a hearing, “Heroes of Small Business,” highlighting success stories. A House Transportation subcommittee hearing Wednesday examines aviation consumer issues and the summer travel outlook. A separate subcommittee hearing, also Wednesday, “Piracy Against U.S. – Flagged Vessels: Lessons Learned.” House Agriculture on Thursday, low carbon fuel standard proposals. CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testifies Thursday to the House Budget Committee on the state of the economy. A Natural Resources Committee subcommittee, “The Future of the Forest Economy.”

Senate Hearings: Senate EPW on Tuesday holds a hearing, “Business Opportunities and Climate Policy,” with witnesses including Charles Holliday, Chairman of Dupont, Mark Stiles, Sr. Vice President of Trinity Industry, and Jack Armstrong, with the Construction Markets division of BASF. Energy and Natural Resources marks up legislation on nuclear waste management, cyber security, and S. 967, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Modernization Act. (Details.) Senate Foreign Relations on Tuesday continues its chartreuserie, with hearings in the a.m., “Challenges and Opportunities for U.S.-China Cooperation on Climate Change,” and in the p.m., “Pathways to a Green Global Economic Recovery.” (Details.) Senate HELP marks up S. 982, the tobacco regulation bill, on Tuesday. (Details.) A Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee on Tuesday holds a hearing, “Leveling the Playing Field and Protecting Americans: Holding Foreign Manufacturers Accountable,” with talk of Chinese drywall and litigation. And since we’re on the topic, a Commerce subcommittee on Thursday holds a hearing on the safety of Chinese drywall. (Details.) Back to Tuesday, Judiciary’s antitrust subcommittee holds a hearing on retail price maintenance and “The Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act.” Treasury Secretary Geithner testifies Wednesday to the Senate Banking Committee on TARP oversight. The Senate Finance Committee on Thursday holds a hearing on the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement, with testimony from Jim Owens of Caterpillar.

Executive Branch: Today is Mid-East Peace Process Day No. 8342, as President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. On Tuesday, the Presidents honors the SBA’s National Small Business Winners of the Year at the White House. On Wednesday, the President attends the first quarterly meeting of the Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board. On Thursday the President gives a speech on Guantanamo Bay and anti-terror tactics, including detention.  He also welcomes the Pittsburgh Steelers to the White House. On Friday the President  delivers the commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Economic Reports: From CNBC: “Minutes from the last Fed meeting, and the Fed’s economic forecast are released Wednesday. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner testifies Wednesday before Congress on the TARP, and there are a few economic reports, including housing starts and leading indicators. Dow components Home Depot and Hewlett-Packard are among the few companies reporting earnings in the week ahead.”

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