CPSIA Update: The House Small Business Commitee Hearing

It’s a CPSIA kind of day here at Shopfloor.org, and isn’t that a said state of affairs.

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A hearing is just under way in the House Small Business Committee, subcommittee on investigations and oversight, on the effects of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act on small businesses. The hearing is not being broadcast via the Internet, but the prepared statements are already posted online.

Thanks to Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA) for organizing the hearing, the first Congress official airing of issues relating to the dismaying CPSIA since the law’s enactment last October.

Panel I
The Honorable Nancy A. Nord
Acting Chairman
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Attachment 1 to Testimony of Chairwoman Nord

Attachment 2 to Testimony of Chairwoman Nord

Panel II
Ms. Laurel Schreiber
Lucy’s Pocket
Allison Park, PA

Ms. Suzi Lang
Starbright Baby
Boalsburg, PA

Mr. David McCubbin
McCubbin Hosiery, LLC
Oklahoma City, OK

Mr. Anthony Vittone
Vice President & General Counsel
Swimways Corporation
Virginia Beach, VA

Ms. Susan Baustian
Once Upon a Child
Winmark Corporation
Minneapolis, MN

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