CPSIA Update: More on the President’s CPSC Nominees

President Obama’s statement on announcing two nominees to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

It is a top priority of my administration to ensure that the products the American people depend on are safe. We must do more to protect the American public – especially our nation’s children – from being harmed by unsafe products. I am confident that Inez and Bob have the commitment and expertise necessary to fill these roles and raise the standard of safety. To ensure these goals are met, I will also increase the number of Commissioners at the CPSC. I am confident this new leadership at the CPSC will revitalize the agency and achieve the high standard of product safety that the American people deserve.

Inez is Inez Moore Tenenbaum, a former South Carolina superintendent of education and U.S. Senate candidate, who serve as chairman if confirmed. Bob is Robert Adler, a law professor at the University of North Carolina, who will fill one of two new seats being added to the now three-member commission. More details from the bios:

  • She previously practiced health, environmental, and public interest law with the firm Sinkler & Boyd.
  • Before joining the UNC faculty, Adler served as Counsel on the Committee on Energy and Commerce where he advised on CPSC legislative and oversight issues under the leadership of Henry Waxman.

Adler had also been as an attorney-advisor to two commissioners at the CPSC in Washington, D.C.  from 1973-84, so he’s definitely an old hand at these issues. And we say that as a compliment!

P.S. Yes, it would have been asking too much for anyone to expect the President to say, “And I look forward to these new commissioners helping to bring into effect the new, improved version of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act I will ask to Congress to pass. The current law has caused many unnecessary hardships to business and consumers, and I believe it must be changed.”

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  • Dan says:

    What’s confusing to me is why, as this blog states (http://tinyurl.com/d65yvn), the industry groups now fighting against the CPSIA when they originally lobbied hard for such regulation. The whole thing has become almost Orwellian. I sure hope the new CPSC heads can bring some sanity to the situation.

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