CPSIA Update: Congress Meant to Regulate Garage Sales?

From the Kansas City Star, “Garage sales covered under new product safety laws“:

Selling any used cribs or playpens at your upcoming garage sale? Children’s clothes with drawstrings or zippers? Pre-1985 books? Rubber duckies or pool floaties?

Better check them twice.

Just like megasize toy manufacturers and stores that sell products from China, the notoriously broad and confusing federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act applies to you and your front yard.

Anyone selling products, even used ones, that have been recalled or banned by the act is in violation. The act covers everything from toys with lead paint to cribs that might strangle babies.

The story cites the 27-page booklet (cover to the left), “CPSC Handbook for
Resale Stores and Product Resellers.

We’ve reviewed the Congressional Record floor speeches for 2007-2008, and the only mention of garage sales in the context of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s endorsement of product tracking labels meant to expedite product recalls. The Minnesota Democrat mentioned them in passing as part of broader remarks made on December 11, 2007. (Text.).

Nowhere does any member of Congress say, “And this legislation will regulate the sale of children’s products at yard sales, garage sales and flea markets. It’s very, very far-reaching and intrusive, and that’s what we like about this law.”

If you bought this law at a yard sale, you’d take it back to the seller and raise holy hell for being lied to. Their only defense would be to plead ignorance.

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