CPSIA Update: A Label for Every Book

From Publisher’s Weekly, Children’s Bookshelf, “CPSIA Update: Still Waiting“:

One area of immediate interest for publishers: the tracking labels that will be required on children’s products starting this August. These would pinpoint the source of each book (e.g., the print run and the manufacturer), which would aid in a recall and give consumers a way to get more information about a product if they’re worried about its safety. The tracking labels would be required for all children’s books, not just the novelty titles for which the Act’s lead provisions will be enforced.

The CPSC has not yet issued guidelines on the form these tracking labels should take and has been seeking public comment, including from the publishing industry. “We argue that published books come with information on the copyright page that allows people to identify the year and place of publication,” says Allan Adler, v-p for legal and government affairs at the American Association of Publishers. This fact differentiates books from the myriad other products for children 12 and under that are covered by the Act. “We hope the Commission doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Trouble is, the law doesn’t really provide for much flexibility.

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