Card Check: We Are the World, We Are the Scolding

By May 14, 2009Labor Unions

From The Los Angeles times, with link to the video, “Hollywood unions come together — for a change“:

As debate in Washington heats up over the proposed Employee Free Choice Act, unions representing actors, writers, directors and crew members collaborated with umbrella organization AFL-CIO to produce a video in support of the legislation, designed to lift roadblocks to unionization.

The three-minute online video features testimonials from 47 performers and actors, including F. Murray Abraham, actor-comedian Jerry Stiller and Amy Brenneman, star of the TV series “Private Practice.”

Then there’s new PR from left-wing religious groups, “Interfaith Justice Group To Congress: Employee Free Choice Act Is Consistent With Biblical Morality.” Don’t forget the rabbis, “Rabbis Tell Specter: Join Us in Supporting Employee Free Choice.

And the Sierra Club and other environmentalists are joining in the hands across economic growth campaign: “The Sierra Club is among many environmental groups to support the Employee Free Choice Act. At the closing ceremony, workers and religious and community leaders offered a blessing and called on Feinstein to support the Employee Free Choice Act.”

Good grief. Aren’t these the same people that used to be in the nuclear freeze movement? Guess once you’ve developed all those skills at organizing vigils, you hate to put them aside.

Candles and method acting notwithstanding, there’s still no getting around the goals sought by these activists and actors: The elimination of secret-ballot elections in the workplace so unions can force their organization (and union dues) on unwilling employees, as well as imposition of binding arbitration that would destroy the free choice of contract terms for employees and employers alike.

It’s a raw, naked power grab by organized labor hiding behind kumbayaism. Light a candle. Sing a song. Destroy a job.

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