Card Check versus Powerman and the Moneygoround

By May 20, 2009Labor Unions

Just love Politico’s headline on its story about Sen. Tom Harkin trying to work out some version of the Employee Free Choice Act that will pass muster with recalcitrant, constituent-minded Democratic Senators.

Working Out the Kinks in Card Check

Well, as a matter of fact, in the words of the Kinks’ Ray Davies in “Get Back in Line“:

Facing the world ain’t easy when there isn’t anything going
Standing at the corner waiting watching time go by
Will I go to work today or shall I bide my time
‘Cos when I see that union man walking down the street
He’s the man who decides if I live or I die, if I starve, or I eat
Then he walks up to me and the sun begins to shine
Then he walks right past and I know that I’ve got to get back in the line

On a more serious note, here’s a Los Angeles Times interview with Andy Stern of the SEIU. He sounds almost down on the Senate prospects for the Employee Free Choice Act. He’s also still selling binding arbitration as a must-have provision in any bill. When you make outrageous demands, then yes, prospects for passage do decline.

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