Card Check: The Absurd Courts the Vulgar

By May 20, 2009General

Around the horn on the Employee Free Choice Act…

From CNS News, “Liberals Hold Prayer Breakfast in U.S. Capitol to Pray for Bill to End Secret Ballots in Union Organizing

Washington ( – Union leaders, clergy and liberal members of Congress gathered in the mostly empty U.S. Capitol Visitors Center early Tuesday morning to hear multicultural choir music, speeches from religious leaders–and to pray for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

The event was a prayer breakfast sponsored by Faith Leaders for Workplace Fairness–a coalition of liberal religious groups that was formed for the sole purpose of promoting EFCA, commonly known as the “card-check” bill.

Yes, yes, corporate America is Pharaoh and will John Sweeney will lead his people to the promised land…where forced union dues rain down like manna from heaven.

Fargo Forum (N.D.), “Veterans to rally in support of workers’ rights“:

Veterans from five wars will speak out today for workers’ rights in a noon rally at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead.

The event, announced by the Northern Plains United Labor Council, is in support of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act, whose backers say it would make it easier to form a union and whose critics argue is anti-democratic.

We fought for a country where labor unions could deprive you of your secret ballot, to make certain America would be a land where you could not negotiate freely with your employer but instead would have a contract forced upon you by a government arbitrator.


Since we mention Hjemkomst, if you’re ever in Moorhead, do stop by. A very good, oceangoing replica of a Viking ship is on display.

Finally, from TAPPED, the blog of the self-styled progressives at The American Prospect, a post, “Business Responds to Employee Free Choice Compromise.” Two things of interest, the first sentence:

So the “Coalition for a Democratic Workplace” (Orwellian!) is pissy because The Washington Post has offered support for the compromise Employee Free Choice legislation being negotiated in the Senate…

That is hilarious! Supporters of a bill called “The Employee Free Choice Act” accusing their opponents of using Orwellian language. Double-plus unserious, you jokers.

Of course, now that business interests have succeeded in taking the original majority sign-up procedure off the table, they’re still opposing the legislation…

Has business succeeded, really? Or through clarity, argument and transparency just forced labor’s PR teams to rethink their marketing?

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