Card Check: Reading Sen. McGovern Out of the Movement

From Jane Hamsher, the drum majorette of the marching left, at the Huffington Post, “Feinstein, Specter Compromises Pave the Way for Passage of Employee Free Choice Act”:

George McGovern was recently dis-invited from the Progressive Magazine’s 100th anniversary event because of his outspoken opposition to the bill on behalf of his good friend Rick Berman.  If McGovern is interested in reclaiming his reputation among progressives as something more than the pawn of a right wing astroturfing scumbag, he now has the opportunity to acknowledge that these compromises would satisfy his concerns.

Not countenanced: The possibility that McGovern reached his opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act through reason, principle, and personal experience as a business owner, as described in his Wall Street Journal op-ed, “The ‘Free Choice’ Act Is Anything But.”

In any case, the Progressive Magazine is now shunning him as a deviationist. Better tear down those photos of George Meany, too.

Elsewhere among the Internet drum and fife corps is this report from the AFL-CIO Blog, “Netroots Nation Salon: The Fight for Employee Free Choice, Online and Off.” Stewart Acuff claims, “You play the game all the way through. This is a dynamic process, and we’re at the 3-yard line—you can’t just walk off the field now.”

Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. In any case, these entries always read like propaganda from the party line. No creative thinking, admission of fault, or engagement with the issues — just rhetoric to march to.

UPDATE (8:15 a.m.): Now that we do some more reading, other accounts have McGovern withdrawing himself, siting a scheduling conflict. The Progressive Magazine’s 100th anniversary International was held in Madison, Wisc., at the start of the month.

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  • mark says:

    So much for the ‘big tent’ liberals. The next time some Democrat wags his finger at me with the idea that Republicans are too small tent, I’ll bring this up. Along with Senator Leiberman and Zell Miller.

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