Card Check, Poll Results and Compromise

By May 22, 2009Labor Unions

The always-nugget-rich Kausfiles has several items on organized labor and the Employee Free Choice Act that shed more light on card check’s failing fortunes.

Hadn’t seen this elsewhere (scroll down):

Buried Lede of the Day: Thomas Edsall, summarizing a new Pew poll, notes the Dems have gained some support recently! While Republicans have lost ground! And voters care more about the economy than “moral values.”   

We knew that. What we maybe didn’t know is this:  

Conversely, public support for labor unions appears to be weakening: the percentage of people agreeing that “labor unions are necessary to protect the working person,” has dropped from 74 percent at the start of this decade to 61 percent this year. The decline was sharper — from 76 to 53 percent, a 23 point fall — among independent voters than among either Democrats or Republicans. [E.A.]

Some 61% say labor unions are “too powerful,” a big jump from 52% in 1999. … Support for unions, says Pew, is at an “all-time low.”. …  Also, perhaps counter-intuitively, “‘the overall balance of public opinion on the government’s responsibility to provide for the needy has shifted to the right’ despite the onset of a severe recession.” This rightward movement appears to be the result of growing fear among the above $75K set (a big set) that the poor have become too dependent on government programs. …

Kaus, the reform-minded Democrat, has more on EFCA in this post.

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  • Conroy says:

    Unions are killing America. Common folk and small business can’t afford to pay union wages to their employees. Unions are greedy and the upper management hoards,steals and waste the money that the union workers and employers give. They are crooks. The government should have a right to work law in every State, then let the unions kiss ass to try to enroll members. They wont and they would fall apart. The labor unions this week of 6-12-09 have used 1945 tactics and threats to huirt small contractors. The unions are a Cancer to society and will hurt the American dream if we let them. I’ll fight them unitl I die.

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