Card Check: Just Because You Call it a …

By May 19, 2009Labor Unions

Brian Worth of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace responds to a Washington Post editorial on the Employee Free Choice Act in an op-ed today, “Labor’s Card-Check Ruse“:

Compromise for the sake of compromise often leads to bad public policy, and efforts to reach a compromise on the union “card check” bill fall into this category. The issue here is that unions are declining because they don’t serve the needs of today’s workers, but instead of admitting that, labor is trying to save itself by unfairly changing the rules. While the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace has agreed with The Post’s assessment of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) as flawed legislation, we disagree with the premise in the May 11 editorial “The Imperfect Union Bill” that we must accept ill-conceived proposals to appease the notion that a compromise is needed on EFCA.

The National Association of Manufacturers is member of the Coalition, and the group’s website is here.

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