Card Check: Candlelight Vigils, Pancakes and Howard Dean!

By May 22, 2009Labor Unions

Organized labor’s push for the Employee Free Choice Act sputtered the more the public learned about the anti-democratic legislation. All the old tricks just didn’t do the trick: Spending tens of millions of dollars on candidates, rallies, “studies,” lobbying days, more rallies, angry blogging, Hollywood actors...nothing seems to have worked. Really. Yes, the Obama Administration is definitely pro-union, but even tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions have failed to bring card check across the finish line.

They must be wracking their brains in union land: “Gee, nothing has worked, and the media are getting bored by our constant shouting, SHOUTING, about the evils of corporations and why unions are the only way to ensure a prosperous middle class. What’s next? Hmmm. Maybe we can slip an AFSCME organizer onto American Idol, and then when her version of “There is Power in the Union” gets booed, we’ll blame Rupert Murdoch!”

Nah, they’re not that creative. But during the Congressional recess, we will see Harley riders, pancake breakfasts and Governor Howard Dean, or so proclaims the SEIU. And candlelight vigils, the AFL-CIO boasts. Vigils? “We are lighting candles on behalf of government-mandated arbitration after 120 days of bargaining on an initial contract.”

These empty gestures and news releases represent more of labor’s desperation that has caused such a flurry of talk about “compromise.” Once examined and analyzed, the Employee Free Choice Act is simply unacceptable to the public and elected officials are responding accordingly, leaving organized labor struggling for new ideas. But no amount of pancake-serving vigils will change the reality that EFCA is a bad, jobs-killing bill.

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