Card Check: A Compromise! But We Won’t Tell You What it Is

By May 6, 2009Labor Unions

Politico, “Tom Harkin aims for Arlen Specter EFCA compromise“:

Sen. Tom Harkin is wooing Sen. Arlen Specter back to the pro-union side on the stalled Employee Free Choice Act.

Without providing any specifics about a potential compromise on the so-called card check bill, Harkin (D-Iowa), the chief sponsor of the bill, said Specter’s “staff and my staff have been working diligently over the last several days to get everything ready” for a final negotiation.

Harkin said Tuesday he didn’t know where “the compromises are going to come, but we’re trying to find a compromise that will get 60 votes.”

How about a compromise that creates a system that allows labor unions to win more than two out of every three organizing votes.

You know, like the current system?

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