Bringing Us Together: Obama Tax News in Ireland, Not in U.S.

From The Irish Examiner, “US drops reference to Ireland as a tax haven“:

THE White House has dropped any reference to Ireland from a fact sheet that accompanied President Barack Obama’s announcement of his crackdown on tax havens.

Ireland was explicitly linked to havens that the fact sheet said helped corporations evade taxes. But by late on Tuesday, the reference to Ireland, and two other countries, had been removed.

The fact sheet originally cited Ireland, the Netherlands and Bermuda as three small countries where, in one year, a third of all foreign profits of US corporations came from.

For a comparison of the fact sheet before and after, go here.

Meanwhile, we’re still looking for U.S. news coverage. You would think there would be a story along the lines of: “After vigorous protests from the Irish and Dutch governments, the White House has retracted its charges that the countries are ‘tax havens’ where U.S. companies seek to hide their profits.”

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