At the EPA Endangerment Hearing

The National Association of Manufacturing’s Bryan Brendle testified at today’s EPA hearing on the proposed Clean Air Act endangerment finding for carbon dioxide. From his statement:

Triggering the various permitting programs under the Clean Air Act through an endangerment finding will add costly delays to manufacturers seeking to expand operations or upgrade their manufacturing processes in a manner that conserves energy. An endangerment finding would not only undermine recovery, but could also prevent the most environmentally sophisticated technologies from being incorporated into a manufacturer’s operation. The clean air laws were designed to focus on local pollutants. Greenhouse gas emissions, however, are global in nature and require a new framework.

The NAM looks forward to continuing to work with Congress and President Obama’s Administration to discuss a modern and comprehensive climate policy that will achieve environmental objectives without inflicting harm on an economy attempting to recover and grow again.

The EPA has scheduled a second public airing of the issue in Seattle Thursday. Details.

The comment period has 35 more days to run, and the NAM has developed a website with background materials and resources for submitting comments to the EPA. Go here:

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