At a Time of Economic Crisis, America Needs a Vacation

By May 21, 2009Labor Unions

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) will be introducing a bill today, the Paid Vacation Act, which would require companies that employ over 100 employees a week for both full time and part time employees after they’ve worked one year for the employer. Three years after the bill goes into effect, companies would be required to provide double that amount of paid vacation days AND the bill would then be applied to small business employing 50 employees and up to require one week of leave.

So what’s the motivation for introducing this bill? To stimulate the resort industry, as Congressman Grayson’s district includes Disneyworld.

The majority of manufacturers already provide paid vacation time to their employees in addition to other generous benefits and we love going to the Magic Kingdom. But, it is irresponsible to levy yet another mandate on employers at a time when manufacturers are struggling to retain and create jobs in the current economic climate.

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