The Civil Heretic

By April 2, 2009Global Warming

Those who believe the climate change brouhaha is overblown, and that proposed “cap and trade” legislation could bring about an economic catastrophe, have probably learned by now to keep their views to themselves. We are living in an Orwellian age when only the foolhardy dare challenge prevailing scientific orthodoxy.

But there are a few brave souls out there who dare to stand against the tide. Columnist George Will is one, but perhaps the most formidable critic of the global warming alarmism is the revered scientist and liberal intellectual Freeman Dyson, portrayed last Sunday in The New York Times Magazine. (“The Global Warming Heretic.”) Dyson has expressed concern about the “enormous gaps in our knowledge, the sparseness of our observations and the superficiality of our theories.” He says “all the fuss about global warming is grossly exaggerated” and “the fact that the climate is getting warmer doesn’t scare me at all.” He says climate change has become an “obsession,” the primary article of faith for “a worldwide secular religion” called environmentalism.

This is the part I love: “According to the global warming people,” Dyson says, “I say what I say because I’m paid by the oil industry. Of course, I’m not but that’s part of the rhetoric. If you doubt it, you’re a bad person, a tool of the oil or coal industry.” Global warming, he said, “has become a party line.”

And best of all: “The polar bears will be fine,” he said.

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