The California Way, Green and Gone

By April 16, 2009Economy, Regulations

From Gino DeCaro of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association,  “Hurry-up, California: Fix all of our problems with green directive“:

I recently watched an employer focus group unfold.  An executive was asked, “Is there anything positive about conducting business in California?”  The employer replied, “Yeah, investment barriers to new competitors in California.”  Another respondent replied without hesitating, “There is no way we would invest anything more in California.”

These realities play out in so many ways — notwithstanding California’s tremendous quality of life advantages — while so many unfounded and rushed policy directions tip economy-altering board room decisions against our working families….[snip]

Many policymakers and issues leaders at the forefront of green policies don’t understand that manufacturers and other employers want the state, along with their own businesses, to succeed. But we also live in the realities of competition. We don’t just set up markets and watch them run. As an example, and on a much grander scale, take Russia and China after ending communism. Did they become 3 billion new customers or competitors? This brilliant Reuters article explains why it was more of the latter. Basically competitive position counts more than anything and these positions are tighter than ever …. everywhere.

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