The Swedish Embassy in Washington has embraced a new promotional theme through June, “Living Green.” The Washington public radio station, WAMU, carried a piece this morning on the embassy’s PR effort, in which arts reporter Stephanie Kaye interviewed Mats Widbom, an embassy cultural counselor. The gist was how much better Sweden is than the United States on the environment.

Nothing notable there; we’ve been hearing that since Max von Sydow was a youth. But Kaye’s intro was a hoöt.

The towering, white-haired Widbom cuts an elegant figure in an equally elegant place, the House of Sweden.

We are trying to communicate difficult matters around the climate change, but in a very holistic way, I would say…

He seems like President Obama, using carrots, not sticks, in a diplomatic way to entice people in discovering what they can do to affect the environment.

Carrots? Diplomatic, enticing carrots?

Obama climate plan could cost $2 trillion

President Obama’s climate plan could cost industry close to $2 trillion, nearly three times the White House’s initial estimate of the so-called “cap-and-trade” legislation, according to Senate staffers who were briefed by the White House.


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